Chinese sportswear brand Xtep strives to win over female sports fans

The growing interest in exercise among women, since the pandemic began, has made women consumers an ideal target. A report released this June by Tmall and China Business Network shows 72% of women respondents exercise regularly. In addition, sports products for women listed on Tmall online shopping platform have been increasing in sales figures for the past three years, with sports shoes leading the market and demand for sports clothing increasing at the fastest rate.

The Chinese sportswear brand Xtep has announced Dili Reba 迪丽热巴, one of the most beloved Chinese actresses, to be its brand ambassador for the new series called Ban Tang, or “half sugar”. It refers to a balanced lifestyle that is neither too negative (()bitter), nor too worry-free ((tián)sweet). In other words, a neutral but healthy lifestyle.

Being the only woman ranked in the top 5 by China Index, for celebrities with the most commercial value in the second quarter of 2021, Dili Reba is believed to be influential among female consumers. In the meantime, of her over 52 million fans, more than 90 percent are under 35 years old – the generation with the most potential purchasing power.

Xtep believes the idol’s “humbleness and her image of positive energy” deliver the values appreciated by the young generation leading to higher motivation for young consumers to buy these products.

“Trendifying has been one of the main drives of China’s women’s sports market,” a statement from Xtep said, “there’s more demand for products that cater to young female consumers and the Ban Tang series is responding to that demand.” 

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