Chinese celebrities unite to denounce behaviour of their peers

The Chinese public is putting an end to unethical behaviour in the entertainment industry by pressuring celebrities to act more responsibly.

The recent controversies involving Kris Wu and Zhang Zhehan are examples where online users have used social media to raise awareness and demand better behaviour from media stars. Since then, over 80 actors under Mango TV, a Chinese Internet enterprise, have signed a letter of commitment to join in the fight against unethical behaviour.  

The letter urges the entertainers to be law-abiding, to refrain from publishing malicious posts; and all-in-all encourages an orderly, harmonious environment for art and literature.  

Actors such as Yang Shuo and Li Shamin have also been active on Weibo using the hashtag “#Mango TV celebrity’s moral integrity acknowledgement” #芒果TV艺人艺德承认书#, calling out actors to “spread positive energy” and “take the initiative to be more socially responsible.”  

While many netizens are dissatisfied that the letter doesn’t prescribe punishments or legal ramifications should actors fail to comply, nonetheless, this is still a move in the right direction towards improving the Chinese entertainment industry going forward.  

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