Dior’s Designer of Dreams exhibition comes to Chengdu

Christian Dior, the iconic French fashion designer and founder of the world-famous luxury fashion house ‘Dior’, was particularly fond of English culture during his lifetime. The ‘Designer of Dreams’ exhibition, dedicated to Dior, has already been exhibited at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 2019 and Shanghai’s Long Museum in 2021, as well as Paris where it debuted in 2017.

On 13 August, the next and perhaps less expected destination for the fourth exhibition, Chengdu, was announced online and revealed to the Chinese public through a dazzling light show display on the city’s famous Tianxi Twin Towers. The exhibition itself is the latest edition of ‘Designer of Dreams’ and takes place at Chengdu’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), running until 7 September 2021.

The ‘Designer of Dreams’ exhibition explores Dior’s relationship with the UK as well as the impact the designer and his influential fashion house have had on the world of fashion. Some of the highlights featured include sketches by Christian Dior himself, dresses from various Haute Couture collections spanning from 1947 to the present day, limited-edition perfumes, iconic photographs of Christian Dior with royalty, models, and more.

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