WeChat and Van Gogh Museum expand livestreaming cooperation

To mark International Museum Day, WeChat and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum have announced that they will expand their cooperation through WeChat Channels and WeChat Mini-Program.

On the evening of 10 May, the Van Gogh Museum held its first livestream on WeChat Channels in which William Van Gogh, the director and consultant of the museum, discussed Van Gogh’s life and his paintings. It marked the first livestream by an overseas museum on WeChat Channels.

The museum already has a presence on WeChat Pay and has its own Mini-Program to engage with its Chinese audience. Despite being unable to travel to Amsterdam, Chinese art lovers have been able to view an exhibition of Van Gogh’s works online, including “Sunflower”, “Bedroom in Arles” and “Tree Roots”.  

The Van Gogh portrait function on the museum’s Mini-program has also been a hit among consumers. The AI-powered filter allows ​users to create a Van Gogh-style portrait from their own photos.

More and more international museums are turning towards livestreaming to engage Chinese consumers while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict travel.

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