Tencent launches video app Pianduoduo targeting lower-tier cities

Tencent has recently launched a video streaming platform called Pianduoduo 片多多 targetting lower-tier cities. Tech Planet reports that the platform has marketed itself on the premise that you can “make money by watching movies”.

Pianduoduo users are able to watch films and TV series on the platform for free without any advertising. They can also earn ‘gold coins’ for time spent viewing which can be exchanged into RMB. Users receive a maximum of 3,600 gold coins per day for watching an hour of video content. This equates to approximately 0.2 RMB.

This platform hosts many classic Chinese films and series, including My Fair Princess 还珠格格, Country Love乡村爱情, Kangxi Dynasty 康熙王朝, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义.

Tencent’s Pianduoduo platform is thought to be aimed at lower-tier cities, also known as xiachen (下沉) which is used to refer to third-tier cities and below. Pianduoduo’s simple interface can be used on low-end mobile phones with fewer configurations. The easy-to-use app is also accessible for middle-aged, elderly and less literate users.

More and more brands are focusing on the xiachen market. China’s second-largest e-commerce platform Pinduoduo is one platform that has successfully appealed to lower-tier cities.

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