Smartphone brand OPPO launches 5G lab in India

Today (December 22), Chinese smartphone brand OPPO announced that it has set up a 5G innovation laboratory at the Hyderabad R&D centre in India.

The lab will focus on the research and development of core product technology under the 5G interconnected ecosystem. OPPO also plans to set up three more functional laboratories focused on cameras, power and battery, and performance optimisation, bringing advanced personal technology experience to users around the world. The Indian team will be leading innovations for other countries, including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Japan, and Europe.

This is the first 5G laboratory that the company has set up outside of China.

China is a leading 5G nation, having set up over 718,000 5G base stations in 2020. A full 6G rollout is planned for 2029.

As of September 2020, OPPO has claimed over 1,000 5G standard patents in ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

Patents and IP have become increasingly popular in China in recent years, with 2.47 million patents being granted domestically in 2019 alone, pushing China’s innovation index to a new high.

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