Zhengzhou will be world’s first fully digitalised city

Zhengzhou, a city of over 10 million people in central Henan province, will become the first city to operate completely digitally. Officials at the Zhengzhou City Brain Development Conference 2020, which was held on December 20, announced that digital technology had been put into operation in 118 different fields.

Zhengzhou’s government launched the initiative in 2017 and began the construction of the “City Brain” in August 2019. City Brain is a comprehensive service platform integrating government, public and local services. The platform has advanced the digitalisation of a range of industries, including government services, urban management, environment and transportation. The City Brain platform has developed more than 150 online systems, accessed the data of 59 departments and collected more than 22.37 billion data points.

In the “China Urban Digital Governance Report (2020)” released in August, Zhengzhou’s Digital Governance Index ranked 7th in the country, and its digital life services ranked 4th after Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou.

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