Shuangta Food expands into China’s growing plant-based meat market

Shuangta Food is the latest in a long line of Chinese and international food companies to launch plant-based products in the Chinese market.

Shuangta will launch a variety of plant-based meat products using protein including: beef balls, protein balls, beef buns, pork buns, chicken chops and ham. The company will host its plant-based meat launch event on November 26 in Beijing.

Shuangta Food was established in 1992 and focusses on producing protein and starch from peas. In 2010, Shuangta became a public company after listing on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

China has become a battleground for plant-based meat companies who are looking to tap into the growing demand from Chinese consumers. In September, leading fungus supplier Xuerong invested 14 million RMB into developing plant-based meat. Beyond Meat has expanded its presence in China throughout the year with partnerships with KFC and Alibaba’s supermarket Freshippo. Traditional Chinese foods have also been adapted to be meat-free with Omnipork launching plant-based mooncakes and Starfield producing dumplings.


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