Pinduoduo’s Italy National Pavilion increases sales of Italian products by 160%

Pinduoduo launched its “Italy National Pavilion” on November 21 to showcase Italian food and wine products to Chinese consumers. The Italy National Pavilion is the latest addition to Pinduoduo’s national stalls which offer high-quality international products to the platform’s users. So far in 2020, Pinduoduo has launched pavilions for goods from Chile, Denmark and Indonesia.

Pinduoduo also hosted a livestream at the Wine to Asia trade fair in Shenzhen in which Cecilia Costantino, a representative from an Italian trade agency based in Guangzhou, introduced Italy’s food and wine and its dining traditions. Italy is the top wine producing country worldwide and bestselling wines from Asti, Chianti and Toscano were featured in the livestream. The stream was watched by over 420,000 Chinese consumers and increased sales of Italian products on Pinduoduo by 160%.

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