Puma’s street dance competition finale takes centre stage in Shanghai

German sportswear brand Puma has successfully wrapped up its Puma Forever Dance Street Dance Competition (also known as PFD) with an exhilarating finale in Shanghai. The event brought together an impressive array of talented dancers vying for the coveted top throne in each of the competition’s four categories: popping, locking, hip-hop and break dancing.

Over the course of an action-packed month, PFD captivated audiences in Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Beijing with its celebration of street dance culture. Along the way, the show managed to pick up a huge following on Chinese social media. In fact, a quick search of the Weibo hashtag “Puma Forever Dance” shows a whopping 22.4 million views.

The grand finale took place in Shanghai, where the regional champions, the network champion, and the main contestants came together on stage to compete for the ultimate victory. After intense competition, Hiroko, Xie Bo, Riceball and DC-Flamingo were all crowned as PFD’s first annual champions for the competition’s locking, popping, hip-hop and breakdancing categories respectively.

To ensure an unforgettable showdown, acclaimed dancers and renowned musicians from around the globe were invited to lend their support to the final dance battle.

Additionally, dancers such as ICE Yang Changqing were dressed head-to-toe in Puma’s latest Archive series, including Puma’s SUEDE sneakers. The new SUEDE series is set to hit the market in August, with colours paying homage to each of the four champions.

While the PFD stage has reached its conclusion, it signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of its participants. Veteran dancer Huang Jingxing, who served as a judge, expressed, “PFD breaks down the barriers of the stage, encouraging everyone to embrace dance and self-expression anytime, anywhere.” Looking ahead, Puma remains committed to the spirit of “Forever Faster,” supporting the development of street dance culture. 

“The 75th anniversary of our brand marks a significant milestone and serves as the starting point for a new era of Puma street dance,” shared Liang Pu Xiang, Vice President of Product and Marketing for Puma Greater China. He further explained, “The PFD stage not only embodies Puma’s unwavering dedication to street dance culture but also aims to empower more dancers to unleash their brilliance, fueling the growth and popularity of this emerging art form.”

Puma’s latest endeavours indicate its continued efforts to capture China’s rising Gen Z demographic, who are not only keen on technology but are also increasingly interested in exploring their cultural heritage and history. Earlier this year, the brand hosted a runway show merging ancient Chinese inventions with esports. Soon after, the brand unveiled a new collection of shoes paying homage to China’s historic Tea Horse Road.

By hosting the PDF dance competition, Puma is strategically tapping into the rising subculture of street dancing, which attracts an average of 5 million people annually. With this move, the sportswear brand is poised to further solidify its position among the youth and expand its presence in the Chinese market.


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