Prada & Gucci raise awareness of tiger protection as the Chinese Year of Tiger approaches

The year of 2021 saw an increasing consumer interest in the sustainable consumption of fashion products. Leading the world’s fashion trends, global luxury labels have naturally become the front-runners in the transformation, as people look to these brands to lead in environmental awareness.

With the page turning into a new chapter, luxury brands are also determined to take their sustainability practice to the next level, especially on the battlefield in China – one of the biggest markets for extravagant purchasing. Given the Chinese lunar New Year (1st February) is fast approaching, there is nothing better than leveraging the Chinese zodiac of the tiger to draw in the lucrative demographic of consumers.

The Italian legendary fashion house, Prada, is one of the international conglomerates that links their Chinese New Year’s campaign with a good cause of protecting the endangered tiger. The project, known as “Prada’s Action in the Year of Tiger”, aims to raise awareness for wildlife and biodiversity protection in China by donating to the “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” Program that is initiated by the China Green Foundations.

By allying themselves to such causes consumers are more likely to purchase their products, using them to display their belief in the causes whilst getting items they desire.

In addition to financial support, Prada has also invited art students under-30 from universities in China, as well as across the globe, to create artwork under the theme of the tiger. By doing so, not only has the brand got its environmental call across but could also have a better engagement with their target audience, namely the young consumer demographic. More importantly, they make these consumers aware of all the sustainable efforts the brand has been dedicated to, which would in turn, earn the brand some brownie points among these young consumers.    

Also being serious about animal welfare is the luxury brand Gucci, which has taken a more literal sense in celebrating the year of the tiger. Under the theme of “Gucci Tiger”, the brand’s Chinese New Year campaign featured real tigers, which are,  photographed separately from human models.

From handbags to a range of ready-to-wear, all products of this collection and its packaging have been imprinted with tiger motifs to show their commitment to the statement and this year in the Chinese calendar. In addition, through this campaign, Gucci has also strengthened its role in supporting wildlife as part of the Lion’s Share Fund, which the brand joined in 2020, and its commitment to protecting endangered species and their habitats.

The design dedicated to one of China’s most important traditional festivals also turns out to have successfully tapped into the guochao trend, with the Chinese zodiac smartly incorporated into the environmental cause that has been resonated with global consumers. Upon the release of this collection, the campaign has seen endorsement from many Chinese young luxury fans, who have been able to support a festivity they know and love whilst also buying products from the brands they love.

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