P&G clears concerns of nuclear pollution at its SK-II’s production base in Japan

In response to circulating rumours on the internet alleging nuclear pollution at one of its production sites in Japan, cosmetics brand SK-II’s parent company Procter & Gamble (P&G) took steps to address the concerns online. In a public post, the company reassured the public that all SK-II products are manufactured in strict compliance with internal quality standards, external regulations, and market requirements.

The issue of suspected nuclear radiation originated from illegal dumping that took place on the banks of the Kamogawa and Lake Biwa confluence back in October 2014. However, according to reports, the local government promptly carried out the necessary cleanup work and conducted tests to determine radioactive concentration levels and other factors. In March 2015, they released statements confirming that the local area remained unaffected by nuclear radiation.

The news initially caused widespread worry among Chinese beauty and skincare consumers, as many knew that the production facility and assembly line for its star product, Facial Treatment Essence, are situated on the shores of Lake Biwa — Japan’s largest lake and sole source of water used in SK-II’s products worldwide.

Netizens were later relieved to know that they could continue using the product without any harmful impact on their health. News of the clarification spread across the Chinese social media platform Weibo, with the hashtag “SK-II said that the water production area of ​​Facial Treatment Essence has not been polluted by nuclear radiation” garnering 317,000 views in less than a week.

In China specifically, all SK-II products are said to undergo stringent safety testing in laboratories designated by the Chinese government. The products also adhere to relevant Chinese regulations and are filed and registered accordingly, with all information accessible on the China Food and Drug Administration’s website.

All in all, Procter & Gamble’s speedy response to concerns underscores its commitment to product safety and regulatory compliance.


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