Online users react as China launches first component of new space station

China launched the main component of its first space station into orbit yesterday. The Tianhe module will be the support basis and control centre for China’s astronauts. Other parts of the space station are expected to be launched later this year, with plans for it to be operation in 2022.

This is a key step in China’s space program as it seeks to become a global leader in space technology and research. China’s new space station seeks to compete with the International Space Station which is run by NASA and other space agencies. It aims to further the country’s exploration and research into outer space.

“The successful launch of the Tianhe core module indicates that the construction of our country’s space station has entered the stage of full implementation and lays a solid foundation for subsequent missions.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese people expressed their pride in the country’s space achievements under the trending hashtag ‘#China successfully launched remote sensing satellite 34’ (我国成功发射遥感三十四号卫星).

“Congratulations ? China Aerospace is so amazing”

“Respect to China aerospace”

“Congratulations my motherland”

Comments from netizens

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