China dominates 6G development with 35% of global patents

A report by the Chinese Patent Office reveals that China owns 35% of 6G patents across the world. The country currently holds 13,449 of the over 38,000 6G patents globally. It is followed by the United States which has 18% of the total.

China is storming ahead when it comes to 6G technology, which is 100 times faster than 5G, and is planning to roll it out in 2029. It will allow users to download 142 hours of TV shows in a second, use the internet on aeroplanes without signal interference and provide signal coverage in even more remote locations.

China already has the largest 5G mobile network in the world with 718,000 5G base stations established in 2020 alone, surpassing targets by over 200,000. The number of 5G connections in China exceeded 200 million in 2020, accounting for 87% of connections globally.

Earlier this week, the Global Times reported that Huawei will launch two test satellites to verify its 6G technology development later this year. The smartphone manufacturer has been one of the leaders in research and development into 6G globally.

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