Off-White launches art wall project in Shanghai

On August 1, Off-White unveiled a month-long art wall project in collaboration with local Chinese female artist Liang Dian. Throughout the month of August, this exclusive art wall will be on display at Shanghai’s very own Xintiandi, an iconic cultural and creative venue that carries the spirit of the bustling city. 

The independent animation illustrator drew inspiration for the mural from Off-White’s  “> Than a Bride” haute couture collection. The woman featured on the painting sports “The Schachter” dress and classic Virgil sunglasses. She is also accompanied by white pigeons and a Dalmatian which gives off a very youthful, carefree and dreamy aura.

Image: SocialBeta

On Instagram, artist Dian Liang said, “Among all the iconic looks, ‘The Schachter’ caught my eyes with its close resemblance to nature’s intricacy. The dress reminds me of ocean waves, and the top reminds me of shiny shells. These nature elements echoed with my wanting for an outing during the Shanghai covid lockdown.”

Since its inception, Off-White has been collaborating with exceptional female artists in the international art scene with the aim of exploring the “spirit of women”. In this project, Off-White has invited female artists from China, Italy and the United States to create powerful murals showcasing Off-White’s fashion items and present them in well-known landmarks in various countries.

Whether through sponsoring exhibitions at museums or collaborating with local artists, brands collaborating with local artists can gain credibility with customers, make a political statement and even become a part of art history. Instead of going the predictable route of creating limited edition products, brands can have a more long-lasting impact on customers and the art world by shining the spotlight on emerging artists.


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