Nreal bands with Qatar Tourism to recreate Lusail stadium in 3D

In hopes to score points with the millions of football fans tuning into the 2022 World Cup, Chinese smart glasses brand Nreal joined hands with Visit Qatar to build an immersive football-themed AR space.

Hosted on Nreal’s mixed reality app ‘Teleport‘, the digital space harnesses AR technology to create a metaverse replica of Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, bringing the World Cup experience right to fans’ doorsteps. Not only is the virtual space lifelike, but it has also been equipped with special effects that allow users to interact with one another such as kicking footballs to other online visitors.

Outside of the World Cup festivities, Teleport users can “jump through” all sorts of 3D models of real-world structures scanned by phones. The platform permits users to meet and interact with others through online chats in 3D-scanned coffee shops, bars, monuments, and houses.

Apart from the interactive app, users can use Nreal Air AR glasses to watch football games through either the AR Space app or the Migu Video app. The immersive panoramic view on Nreal’s AR Space app enables users to view multiple screens at the same time. For instance, viewers can look at a list of football players, teams, and other data on one screen as they tune into their games on another. Meanwhile, fans can also use the projection function on the Migu app to ‘air cast’ or mirror their smartphone displays to a full screen on Nreal AR Glasses.

Image: Nreal Air

Undoubtedly, with the expansion of 5G technology, VR is undergoing rapid changes that will transform the sports and entertainment industries. According to the latest report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global virtual reality market size is expected to reach 87 billion USD by 2030. 

Overall, the latest partnership between NReal and Visit Qatar not only serves as an innovative way to take user experience to the next level, but also paves the way for a whole new means to tune into highly anticipated sports games.


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