New report finds over 300m people in China have problems sleeping

The ‘2021 Exercise and Sleep White Paper’ issued by China Sleep Research Association has revealed that there are currently more than 300 million people in China with sleep problems. 38% of China’s population suffer from sleep difficulties, which is considerably higher than the World Health Organization’s global figure of 27%.

Another report released by the China Sleep Research Association and Xilinmen Furniture Co showed that Chinese people slept for only 6.69 hours on average in 2020. This represents an average of two hours less than in 2013.

Strains and stresses from overtime work and the gig economy have played a part in the reduced amount of sleep. Takeaway delivery drivers, couriers, medical staff and Taobao shop owners were among the most common to only sleep for three to six hours on average.

The length of deep sleep has also fallen, by 3.1% from 2019 to less than 24.9% per night in 2020. This has also been impacted by the pandemic, and the survey showed that people spent 0.04 hours less in deep sleep post-COVID.

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