House prices exceed $1500 per sqm in 77 Chinese cities

In seventy-seven Chinese cities, potential property buyers face an average price of more than 10,000 RMB ($1545) per square metre. Among them, fifty-five of the cities are located on the east coast, eighteen in the central and western regions, and four in the northeast.

In eight cities, mostly in the coastal region, price exceeds 30,000 RMB ($4637) per square metre, and Shenzhen tops the list at over triple that. The top ten cities with the most expensive average house price per square metre are:

  • Shenzhen 90,049 RMB
  • Beijing 66,493 RMB
  • Shanghai 61,923 RMB
  • Xiamen 50,097 RMB
  • Guangzhou 40,657 RMB
  • Sanya 37,149 RMB
  • Hangzhou 33,808 RMB
  • Nanjing 33,556 RMB
  • Tianjin 26,613 RMB
  • Fuzhou 26,588 RMB

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