Kuaishou’s pet crazy users reach 100 million

Pet-related content is BOOMING on Kuaishou.

On average, the short-form video platform hosts one pet livestream every 4.5 seconds. On one single day, pet-related content hit 700 million views, and, in July, there were 390 million comments on pet videos. 

As of May 2020, the audience for pet videos reached 100 million. There are over 75,000 active pet content creators on the platform, of which 80% are young people born post 80s or 90s.

According to the report, people who live in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities prefer dogs as their pets, while Tier 1 and Tier 2 residents prefer cats. 

What is pet content?

Pet Vlog, daily pet updates, haircuts, medical information and pet fashion content are all popular on Kuaishou.

Pet content helps boost sales for pet related products, such as pet food, cosmetics, clothes, and daily necessity. 


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