First Harry Potter film sets post-COVID milestone for China box office

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone set a new milestone for China’s box office since the recovery from COVID-19. The film, which is the first in the Harry Potter series, was first released in China in January 2002. It returned to Chinese audiences in a 4K 3D digital restoration this summer.

Its recent release pushed the total box office to 157 million RMB, which is the best single weekend performance since China’s cinemas reopened on July 20.

From August 14, cinemas in some Chinese cities have been allowed to increase their operation capacity from 30% to 50% and play films more than two hours in length (as long as they don’t have an interval). Cinema-goers are also now allowed to buy beverages and snacks at cinemas, but these are only allowed as takeaway and can not be eaten inside theatres.


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