Is this the disc you’re looking for? Randomevent and fRUITYSHOP drop collaboration

On 2 March, the long-teased mini collection collaboration between street fashion label Randomevent and independent record store fRUITYSHOP finally dropped. Aptly named “Music Lovers” the collection is set to a theme colour of warm pastel pink, with fRUITYSHOP’s slogan “Jazz All Days” and fruit motifs. The collection includes a hoody, a coach jacket and surprisingly, a ceramic plate. It was a play on words as the words for discs and plates are both “盘” in Chinese.

The brands also released a humorous promotional video portraying a crate digger finding the “disc” pink ceramic plate, he was looking for from a street dealer after failing to do so at fRUITYSHOP. An in-store event was also held on 2 March at Randomevent’s Shanghai flagship store.

Established in 2012, youth culture and street fashion label Randomevent has become a strong force in the Chinese streetwear sector. After co-branding with big names such as Disney and Vans last year and starting 2024 with a New Balance collab, the brand is making waves internationally. It is also expanding offline with its third Shanghai location in collaboration with local independent coffee shop SLAB TOWN which opened last October.

The indie record shop fRUITYSHOP was founded in a hutong in Beijing back in 2013 and has since expanded to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Aranya, opening its second location in Shanghai last November. Having become a cultural label with its own clothing line, it recently saw high-profile collabs with the likes of Adidas Originals and Japanese lifestyle brand “Niko and …”.

The Collaboration is a win-win for both brands as Randomevent taps into the cultural relevancy and niche coolness of the indie record shop. Meanwhile fRUITYSHOP gains visibility through Randomevent’s network of offline stores and international fame. Smaller scale collabs that target specific demographics such as music lovers like this one will be an accessible way for brands to broaden their reach.


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