E-commerce platforms become a lifeline under China’s new lockdown

Recently, due to the spike of new COVID cases in China, cities like Shanghai, Jilin, and Hong Kong went into another lockdown to stop the spread of the Omicron variant. Both people and local businesses have been hit hard by the sudden disturbance in their lives.

During this worrying period, e-commerce platforms such as Douyin E-commerce, Xiaohongshu, Laiyifen have supported the grocery delivery service in different forms and introduced a series of services for their customers, logistics, and small and medium-sized businesses to overcome difficulties together.

On March 29, Ele.me launched the “Emergency Special Needs” service in response to the vulnerable groups who need extra help regarding the purchase of medicines, daily necessities, and special emergency needs during the lockdown. Customers can submit queries and Ele.me who will then mobilize relevant departments to help deal with different needs as much as possible.

On March 25, Xiaohongshu and the Red Cross Society of China donated 10,000 sets of “Little Red Bags” to support Shanghai. The “Little Red Bag” care program was jointly initiated by Xiaohongshu and the Red Cross Society of China, hoping to send warmth to the front-line and healthcare workers.

Due to the increasingly serious situation in Shanghai, Laiyifen provided snack packages for the community through its food delivery APP, it also actively participated in the food supply to help households that could not go out for grocery shopping due to the government rules.

On March 31, Alipay announced that it will integrate online hospitals and fresh food groceries which allows customers to search “Shanghai” on the APP and go directly to the local service page. In response to the difficulty of buying medicines for some chronic patients, Jingdong Pharmacy will also provide drug supply information through the “drug help registration platform” and users can register if there is an emergency drug demand.

During this special time, many companies and e-commerce platforms have incorporated their strengths to help fight the pandemic, which not only reflects their social responsibility but also helps out those in real need.


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