Douyin to introduce livestreamer rating system

Douyin (TikTok’s sister app in China) is set to trial a new 6-tiered rating system for livestreamers.

The rating system, called “health points”, will be trialed over the course of the next two months covering a limited set of livestreaming accounts in certain categories. From the end of October, the rating system will be expanded to cover all categories of livestreamers.

All streamers will start with a preset 100 points but can apply for the upper limit to be raised if they are considered a “top streamer” or “expert streamer”.

Livestreamers will then be docked points depending on the severity of the offense: 1-2 points for a mild offense, 2-4 points for a medium offense, and 4-8 points for a severe offense.  Sanctions will be imposed once a streamer’s health points dip below 70, with the punishments increasingly severe with each successive drop of 20 points. Livestreamers with over 100,000 subscribers will have more points deducted for the same infraction.

The mildest sanctions listed by Douyin include completing “pre-livestream educational study”, being barred from entering app-wide leaderboards, and placing limits on the traffic directed to the livestreamer’s broadcast. More severe punishments include shutting down the “gift” and restrictions of withdrawals on earning. Eventually livestreamers can be completely banned from streaming on the platform once they hit 0 health points.


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