Cognac giant Hennessy launches on Eleme

Hennessy, the largest Cognac producer in the world, joined food delivery platform Eleme today (December 3). Hennessy has launched eight official flagship stores on the platform throughout China. Eleme’s logistics will enable Hennessy’s products, including cognac, champagne, whiskey and vodka, to be available for delivery within 30 minutes.

Its online business will add to Hennessy’s existing presence in China: it launched a Tmall store earlier this year and opened its first Chinese flagship store in Sanya in August to offer a “multi-sensational experience” to Chinese consumers. Customers can buy exclusive bottles such as Hennessy XXO and limited edition Hennessy VSOP Privilege UVA. It also has two stores in Shanghai.

Hennessy sought to appeal to Chinese consumers through its campaign for Mid-Autumn festival where it released two limited-edition packages including Hennessy VSOP Privilege and Hennessy XO.

Hennessy comes under the Moët Hennessy brand which is owned by luxury label LVMH (66%) and alcohol producer Diageo (34%).

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