China expected to surpass 425 million esports users in 2021

The “2021 China E-sports Industry Development Report” predicts that China’s e-sports users will reach 425 million in 2021.

The report, which was released at the 2021 Global Esports Leadership Summit and Tencent Esports Annual Conference on 16 June, shows that the past five years have been the golden stage of China’s esports industry development. The industry has been aided by support from the Chinese government and widespread public recognition.

The acceptance of esports as a real profession has encouraged many young people to pursue it as an employment option. China authorises licenses for professional esports players and esports has also been added as an official event for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

The report shows that the global esports audience will increase to 474 million in 2021, bringing in $1.08 billion in revenue. China will become the region with the largest number of core esports fans, followed by the United States and Brazil.

The growth of esports has provided huge opportunities for brands who are hosting or sponsoring esports games and players. Last year, Tencent and café Tim Hortons partnered to launch the first esports themed coffee shop in Shanghai. 

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