UGG and Levi’s among brands to launch LGBTQ+ Pride campaigns in China

A growing number of international brands are showing support for China’s LGBTQ+ community by promoting their global Pride campaigns in the country. Aside from Coca-Cola and glasses brand Bolon, UGG and Levi’s have also launched stand-out Pride campaigns this year.

After promoting its Pride campaign for the first time in China in 2020, footwear brand UGG has returned this year with a global gender-neutral collection which it describes as “a celebration of self-identity and love”. The campaign encourages people to be themselves, brave, and honest and has been promoted by Jiang Sida, a famous gay celebrity, and two lesbian influencer couples.

There are so many forms of love. Be brave and proud to show your love.

UGG’s campaign slogan

UGG has been promoting its Pride series on Weibo via the hashtag “#UGGPRIDE” which has, so far, gained 1.02 million views. It launched the collection on the love-themed festival 520, which takes place on 20 May, and chose to span the campaign throughout June for Pride Month. This year, a number of brands chose to focus on celebrating all kinds of love during their 520 campaigns.

Levi’s also celebrated International Pride Month with a campaign that highlighted that love should not be distinguished by gender, race, or skin colour. This is Levi’s third year of promoting its Pride Rainbow series in China.

All the products in the collection feature the well-known symbol of the LGBTQ+ community, the rainbow flag. However, the rainbow pattern was given a unique twist, inspired by a famous rainbow flag in San Francisco. The denim jacket features a rainbow totem on the back with the words “They/Them, She/Her, He/Him, WE”. The hashtag “#LevisPride” attracted 16.57 million views.

Levi’s also worked with alcohol brand ABSOLUT to launch limited-edition gift boxes with Levi’s Pride Rainbow products, and ABSOLUT’s rainbow vodka, lipsticks, and a pass for its Rainbow party. 

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