Baidu initiates MetaStack to speed up Metaverse creation to just 40 days

On 10 January, one of China’s Internet giants Baidu launched its underlying technology, MetaStack to shorten the duration of independent Metaverse project building to just 40 days down from 6 to 12 months.

According to Baidu, capitalising on MetaStack for Metaverse creation has allowed the efficiency of development to increase by 300% while reducing production and maintenance costs by up to 50%. 

2022 ushered in the new era of the Metaverse, with a rapid influx of companies rushing into the industry hoping to build up their own independent virtual communities with brand characteristics.

However, given the demanding requirements of Metaverse production in terms of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, AI, blockchain, as well as a large amount of manpower and financial resources, it has made it even harder to achieve.

In order to solve this problem, Baidu launched MetaStack to get more companies and individuals on board. With the help of this technology, projects can get off the ground within 40 days, paving the way for further partnership opportunities regarding digital assets, fashion showcases and movie screenings, to name a few.

The Internet company also offered an easy and innovative way to access MetaStack via a WeChat mini-program instead of downloading normal installation packages, taking up hundreds of megabytes. 

MetaStack may be considered new, but in fact this technological stack has been actively applied for quite some time in support of XiRang, which is the first domestically produced Metaverse infrastructure platform launched by Baidu on 27 December 2021. XiRang integrates a wide range of features covering over 20 sectors such as culture, vehicles, education, art, etc., with more than 120 Metaverse activities released in the past 2 years.

Take the virtual showcase of Dior for instance, the French luxury fashion house teamed up with XiRang on two occasions to immerse its consumers with the brand’s iconic aesthetics through a digitally rendered space.

It comes as no surprise that the Metaverse-related sectors are wildly thriving, as it’s a booming marketspace being associated with the hottest buzzwords and industry players are rushing to grab a foothold. More exciting developments can be envisioned in the not-so-distant future, and as described in a statement from Baidu, “imagination is the only limit of Metaverse.”


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