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Since its inception in 2011 WeChat’s growth has been exponential. Created by Tencent, it started off as a predominantly mobile instant messaging app but has expanded into a wealth of new areas since then. Available on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows phones, in addition to web browsers, its reach is vast with versions available in 20 languages reaching 468 million active users.

Key features

To view WeChat simply as a rival to WhatsApp is to underestimate its capabilities. It has functions that can be seen in each of the key social media sites, in addition to offerings in entertainment and e-commerce.

Chat and Instant Messaging facility

One of the most popular features of the app is its instant messaging software. Users can send text, audio, photo or video messages to friends in group or private conversations. A ‘recall’ function is also offered, rivalling ephemeral messaging services like Snapchat, as does the ability for contacts to broadcast their live location and hold free video and audio calls.  Popular ‘stickers’ can also be purchased or downloaded for free. These have been utilised for promotional purposes – a ‘minion’ package was developed to promote the Despicable Me franchise.

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Text, photos and short videos can be shared with friends of a user via the ‘moments’ section, something best compared to Facebook’s newsfeed. Brands and companies are unable to create posts in this section, which means it’s important to create a campaign which encourages users to share content on behalf of your brand.


Location based services can be used to find new friends in an area, whilst the ‘drift bottle’ function allows messages to be exchanged with users anywhere in the world. In-app games allow friends to directly compete against each other.

QR Code Scanner

With an inbuilt QR scanner, the app is a great way to encourage offline-to-online engagement. We advise the use of QR codes in your advertising campaigns, packaging and at the point of sale to ensure offline to online customer interaction.


One of the most exciting functions gives users the ability to make and manage payments directly through the app. WeChat has made a huge step into ecommerce, allowing users to top up their phone, split bills, give money and order a taxi.  Whilst in relatively early stages, payment through the mobile and convenient WeChat platform could potentially rival Alibaba’s.

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Account Types

Subscription and service accounts

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