What’s the status of the Chinese sci-fi industry? The 8th China Science Fiction Convention reveals all

The 8th China Science Fiction Convention took place in Beijing Shougang Park from 27-29 April, attracting both domestic and international science fiction writers, film and television producers, and industry experts.

The 2024 China Science Fiction Industry Report was also officially unveiled, revealing that the total revenue of China’s sci-fi industry in 2023 reached 113.29 billion Yuan (15.65 billion USD), marking a 29.1% year-on-year increase. The revenue from China’s sci-fi film and television industry rose by 38.8%, while the revenue from China’s sci-fi game industry increased by 15.4%. There was also a significant rise in the number of sci-fi web series and microdramas.

The opening ceremony showcased cutting-edge technologies such as holograms, AI, and motion capture, delivering a fully immersive sci-fi experience to the audience.

The sci-fi short film “Earth Cannon” (《地球大炮》) debuted during the event, based on Liu Cixin’s novel. It depicted a spectacular vision of humans utilising technology to construct a massive passageway within the Earth, impressing the audience with the potential of technology while deeply exploring the confusions and challenges that these innovations have brought to human society.

The ceremony also featured the presentation of the 2nd Science Fiction Planet Award, with the American film – Dune claiming the title of ‘Best Science Fiction Film Winner’.

This convention provides a platform for modern technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and aerospace to contribute to the advancement of the sci-fi industry, facilitating engagement between high-tech enterprises and the sector. Shijingshan District, Beijing, which hosted this year’s China Science Fiction Convention, is home to over 200 science fiction enterprises and institutions.

From 27 April to 5 May, the 4th Beijing Sci-Fi Carnival will continue, featuring the Sci-Fi Athletic Tournament, Sci-Fi Electronica Festival, and other events aimed at enhancing the user interactive experience.


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