What is SenseNova 5.0? It’s the reason SenseTime’s stock increased by 36%

SenseTime has once again caught the market’s attention. On 24 April, Hong Kong shares of SenseTime surged by over 30% at the stock market’s opening and at midday, they announced a brief suspension. On 25 April, SenseTime resumed trading and witnessed another rise in its share price. Over the two days, the cumulative stock price increased by 36%. Apart from the recently launched 600 billion parameter large model, SenseNova 5.0, SenseTime didn’t provide any reasons or insider information regarding the changes in price and trading volume.

On 23 April, during SenseTime’s Tech Day, they unveiled its SenseNova 5.0 large model system, which offers various capabilities such as natural language processing, image generation, automated data annotation, and custom model training. The first version of the SenseNova large model system was introduced in 2023 and within a year, it advanced to its fifth generation.

SenseTime reports that SenseNova 5.0 utilises hybrid expert architecture and underwent training with over 10TB tokens, encompassing a vast amount of synthetic data, which significantly enhances the model’s reasoning ability and contextual understanding window to approximately 200K. According to mainstream objective assessments, SenseNova 5.0 even matches or surpasses GPT-4 Turbo.

SenseTime, also recognised as “China’s Four Little Dragons of AI”, has been at the forefront of the AI startup surge for several years. SenseTime’s “Code of Ethics for AI Sustainability” was chosen by the United Nations’ Artificial Intelligence Strategic Resource Guide and published in June 2021, establishing them as the sole AI company in Asia to receive this honour. Presently, ShangTech is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Following the unfortunate passing of its founder last year, SenseTime experienced a decline in revenue and profit, along with allegations from Grizzly Research LLC, a U.S. short-selling organisation. Guo Tao, an angel investor and seasoned AI expert, suggests that the successful launch of SenseNova 5.0 may instil a more optimistic outlook for SenseTime’s future performance on the market.

Since last year, SenseTime has initiated a collaboration with Kingsoft to collectively develop the WPS 365 platform. In August of the same year, they entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Haitong Securities. Furthermore, at Tech Day, SenseTime announced a joint release with Huawei for the financial, medical, government, and coding industries, featuring the large-scale model SenseNova 5.0 for practical applications.


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