Taobao Vision Pro version enables 3D immersive shopping

On 15 April, Taobao launched the Apple Vision Pro version app on the App Store. With Vision Pro, users can project products into reality and compare them with other products, creating an “immersive” shopping experience.

According to several tech bloggers, the combination of Taobao and Vision Pro delivers an enhanced naked eye 3D shopping experience. For instance, when considering a refrigerator, users wearing Vision Pro can manually place it in their current living room. In 1:1 mode, it appears as if a real refrigerator is present, allowing users to open the door and inspect interior details.

Additionally, the Taobao Vision Pro version supports simultaneous display of multiple items for easy comparison, as well as visualising item dimensions including length, width, and height. Users can also search for items and recognise their shape and size through the app. However, according to some blogger experiences, there are still some improvements to be made, such as more precise image search and a broader range of products supporting 3D view.

The official Apple Vision Pro was released in the U.S. in February this year. Taobao’s official Vision Pro version app is expected to follow the Chinese version of Vision Pro synchronously, introducing more features. However, supply chain sources suggest that the Apple Vision Pro may be available for purchase in China as early as April and “no later than May”.

Shopping apps currently supporting Vision Pro include the J.Crew Virtual Closet (fashion apparel brand shopping app) and Lowe’s Style Studio (home improvement and design services app), etc. Decathlon, IKEA, Temu, and Uber Eats are also reportedly planning to release Vision Pro versions in the near future.


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