Xiaohongshu reveals China’s 2021 buzzwords

Xiaohongshu has released its “2021 Lifestyle Trend Keywords” based on the number of related posts and engagement on the platform in the last year. The ten buzzwords are:

  • 无糖主义 sugar-free
  • 酒变甜 sweet alcohol
  • 回血式独居 living alone
  • 冰雪热潮 snow boom
  • 无性别穿搭 unisex fashion style
  • 国潮澎湃 popularity of domestic fashion brands
  • 在家健身 home workout
  • 治愈式旅行 therapeutic travel
  • 外出露营 camping
  • 回家做饭 cooking at home

But what do they mean? We’ve picked out three and explained why they are trending topics in China.

Sugar-free (无糖主义) – A growing number of women are opting for a sugar-free life to avoid skin problems and to lose weight. The number of notes related to sugar-free content increased by 145% year-on-year in 2020. Chinese consumers have become increasingly health-conscious as a result of COVID-19 and this has been reflected in the demand for plant-based products.

Sweet alcohol (酒变甜) – Some people in China drink alcohol because of social demands and in business scenarios, rather than for enjoyment. However, many young women have begun drinking sweet alcohol which they prefer the taste to over the bitterness of beer or stronger spirits, such as Baijiu. Notes related to sweet alcohol were viewed 129% more than the year before.

Snow boom (冰雪热潮) – Due to the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Bejing and restrictions which have prevented people from travelling abroad, skiing within China has become increasingly popular. A growing number of skiing resorts are popping up across the country as Chinese tourists head to the slopes during weekends and holidays. During the 3-day New Year holiday at the beginning of January, northern China’s ski resorts saw an influx of tourists. The number of notes related to skiing increased by 89% year-on-year in 2020.

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