Tencent announces commitment to carbon neutrality

Tencent announced today (January 12) that it plans to achieve zero carbon emissions with the help of technology. Tencent, which owns WeChat, QQ, Honor of Kings and Game for Peace, is the first Internet company to make such a pledge in working towards carbon neutrality.

“The outbreak of the epidemic has made us understand more about the relationship between humans and nature. As a technology company, we must think about the impact of corporate operations on the natural environment such as climate and water. As China announces its carbon peak and neutrality targets, Tencent will also accelerate its carbon neutrality plan.”

“We will also further explore the potential of cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence in coping with the major challenges of the earth, and make great strides to promote the application of technology in industrial energy conservation and emission reduction.”

Tencent’s CEO Ma Huateng

In recent years, Tencent has invested in the use of artificial intelligence and cloud computing in data centres to reduce carbon emissions.

The company also has been using technology to promote energy saving in its offices. Tencent’s Binhai Building is installed with an intelligent lighting system which can save approximately 1.3261 million kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. Its water system recycles water from across the site, saving 50-70% of total wastage.

In September 2020, Xi Jinping announced that China would aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions was one of China’s key goals for 2021 outlined at the Central Economic Work Conference.

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