Chinese spirit Baijiu given official English name

Chinese customs have officially changed the English name of Chinese distilled spirits to “Chinese Baijiu” for export distribution. This has come after long discussions between The China Liquor Industry Association and the General Administration of Customs which began on April 25, 2020.

The lack of an official English name for Chinese Baijiu has caused confusion for overseas consumers and it has been referred to by several names, including Chinese spirit, Chinese distilled spirit, Chinese liquor.

The hashtag “English name of Chinese distilled spirits has changed” hit 360 million views on Weibo. Many students commented that they hoped more and more Chinese words would become English terms to make memorisation easier.

Chinese Baijiu is among the top 6 distilled spirits in the world, along with brandy, whisky, vodka, rum and gin. It is a colourless distilled liquor made from fermented sorghum and has a production history of more than two thousand years.

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