Tmall launches limited-edition flower NFTs in spring campaign

Chinese e-commerce giant Tmall has kicked off its spring campaign “My New Spring Flowers in Bloom” by joining hands with five renowned brands including Huggies, Decorté, Vans, iQOO and L’Oréal. In celebration of its annual membership day, the campaign offers exclusive gifts for members from big-name brands as the spring flowers come into bloom.

In honour of the event, Tmall rolled out limited-edition digital collectable series of virtual flowers for each of the five brands. The design concept of the eternal flowers stems from the brand’s new products of the month and creatively ties each brand to the spring theme.

Online, the e-commerce giant held raffles in which winners could win exclusive gifts. Not only were brand members able to obtain digital collectables for free but they were also able to earn exclusive member rights related to the corresponding brand products. Meanwhile, on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the hashtags “My New Spring Flowers in Bloom” and “Annual member day on Tmall” garnered a whopping 140 million and 6.57 billion views respectively.

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and many people in China celebrate the season by purchasing new clothes, home decor, and other items. By launching a spring campaign, Tmall can attract customers looking to refresh their wardrobes and homes, as well as those who are interested in taking advantage of seasonal discounts and promotions. Moreover, adding digital collectables to their spring campaign allows Tmall to offer a new and exciting way for customers to engage with the platform and showcase their purchases.

Overall, Tmall’s spring campaign can help increase its customer base, drive sales, and maintain its position as one of China’s top e-commerce platforms.


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