Tim Hortons unveils first eco-friendly store in Shenzhen

On July 28, Tims China opened its first-ever “Green Environmental Protection Experimental Store” in Shenzhen, centred around the theme of coffee grounds. This move represents Tims Hortons’ attempt to explore a new model of green retail, signalling a new stage in the brand’s sustainable development journey.

Harnessing the untapped potential of coffee grounds, the store has ingeniously integrated this abundant resource throughout its design, elevating coffee into a sustainable product and raising public awareness of green cycles. Acknowledging that the coffee industry generates a massive daily average of 127.5 tons nationwide in China and 20,000 tons globally of coffee grounds, the “Green Environmental Protection Experimental Store” addresses the often-overlooked environmental impact of coffee waste by utilizing coffee grounds in creative and eco-conscious ways.

Externally, the store boasts folding windows that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering interaction between the two environments. The outdoor area is further adorned with movable coffee ground planters, enticing passersby to engage with the concept of a green and sustainable lifestyle.

Internally, the store is a captivating fusion of art and nature, with coffee ground elements woven into every detail. From maple leaf paintings crafted with coffee grounds, ingeniously incorporating the brand image and the concept of a circular economy, to the seasoning bar and coffee ground material booths, every corner embraces a green vision. The store’s main material, eco-friendly straw mixed with coffee grounds, ensures that sustainability is at the heart of every aspect of the store’s construction and furnishing.

Leash rings for small pets located outside the green test shop | Image: Food Talks

One stand-out feature of the “Green Environmental Protection Experimental Store” is its pet-friendly approach. With special provisions for small pets, including leash rings and various pet supplies, the store welcomes customers to share the experience with their furry companions. On its grand opening day, Tims China, in collaboration with the pet food brand Meatyway, delighted visitors with pet food gift bags and canvas bags, emphasizing a joint commitment to nature-friendly practices. Future plans include co-branded water cups, and innovatively using coffee grounds as a raw material, to enhance the experience of pet owners and their companions.

Taking their eco-friendly endeavours a step further, Tims China also encourages consumer participation in recycling practices by providing free coffee grounds that can be taken away. This initiative aims to inspire an environmentally conscious lifestyle, showcasing various applications of coffee grounds in daily life, from cat litter to flower fertilizer, refrigerator deodorant to homemade body scrubs.

From incorporating recycled materials into store design to developing innovative pet products, Tims China’s latest eco-friendly store embodies the brand’s vision for a sustainable future. By pairing industry insights with a fresh exploration of lifestyle practices, Tims China is pioneering a greener path for the coffee industry, motivating others to embark on the journey toward a more environmentally friendly future.


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