Kuaishou initiates trials of AI chatbots on Android platforms

Beijing-based short video platform app Kuaishou has taken a significant stride in the field of artificial intelligence by internally testing its new self-developed large language model, KwaiYii, on Android platforms.

Equipped with an impressive 13 billion parameters, KwaiYii’s capabilities claim to be comparable to those of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 in terms of its capacity for content generation, consultation, and problem-solving. So far, Kuaishou’s AI chatbot has primarily been used for search purposes to address inaccuracies resulting from inadequate data training.

Further delving into the world of AI, Kuaishou has also collaborated with the University of California to develop SpikeGPT, the first generative SSN (Spiking Neural Networks) language model. Boasting 260 million parameters, this new language model claims to match the performance of deep neural networks while retaining the energy-saving benefits of spike-based computations.

Kuaishou is not the only short video platform with its sights set on developing its own AI models, however. In fact, just in mid-August 2023, Douyin began to publicly test its own AI chatbot product “Doubao” which offers a range of features including a chatbot, writing assistance, and support for English learning. At present, the AI robot is available on its webpage and can also be downloaded in both iOS and Android operating systems, with installation on the iOS system requiring the use of TestFlight.

As Kuaishou continues to refine and enhance its AI products, industry experts and technology enthusiasts alike will have to keep a close eye on the progress of both KwaiYii and SpikeGPT to see its potential implications for the future of AI-powered services.


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