Kuaishou heats up summer fashion with “spicy girl” competition

For its annual summer fashion campaign, the short video platform Kuaishou is paying homage to “spicy” fashionistas this year with a livestreaming and short video competition.

From June 28 to July 9, fashion vendors and influencers on Kuaishou can gain more exposure simply by tagging their content with #浅辣一夏, meaning “light spice for the summer”. The campaign name is borrowed from the slang term 辣妹 (literally “spicy little sister”), which is used to describe an attractive woman with a fiery personality, typically from Hunan, Sichuan, or Chongqing.

Short videos and livestreams that fit the theme will get an extra 3,000 post impressions on the platform, with the best quality posts in with a chance of gaining 300,000 additional post impressions and a spot on Kuaishou’s Hot List. According to the campaign specifications, relevant posts include but are not limited to Y2K, American Retro-core, Barbie Girl, and Asian Baby Girl aesthetics. The 辣妹 aesthetic is open to interpretation, but broadly speaking is youthful, feminine, and trend-oriented.

This campaign is the latest in Kuaishou’s “Fast Fashion” event series, a play on words with the platform’s name which also features the word “fast” in Chinese. The “Trendy Summer” campaign earlier this summer was a success, with over 500 vendors generating a GMV of 500 million RMB (69 million USD).


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