How Cartier’s Love is All campaign became China’s latest online sensation

It has been several months since the initial release of Cartier’s short film Love is All, which brings together twelve international friends of the Maison, such as Ella Balinska, Lily Collins, Monica Bellucci, Maisie Williams, and Jackson Wang.

Featuring the pop song from the 70s by Roger Glove and Ronnie James Dio the original video was created to celebrate love in another year of the pandemic, as the western world is in the countdown to the festive season last December. The video has so far garnered over 6.6 million views on YouTube alone since its release on 16 November 2021 and shows no sign of slowing down even if the festive period has ended.

Now the love has been spread to China, a lucrative market for luxury brands like Cartier, as the country runs towards its own New Year celebration – Spring Festival on 1st February 2022. As the campaign arrives at a market that is different from the one in the West, the original campaign video has also been adapted to appeal to its Chinese audience, by localising the music video and hopping on the guochao trend in China of national pride within products and marketing.

To do so, the brand has replaced those international faces with a Chinese crew consisting of seven A-list celebrities such as actors Bai Jingting and Li Xian, and singer and songwriter Deng Ziqi. While the Hong Kong pop star Jackson Wang who also appeared in the initial video remains, a nice nod to the original video.

With the influence of these celebrities in China, it didn’t take too long for Cartier to grasp the attention of Chinese Internet users, with the video an instant success. The campaign hashtag has been viewed by over 4.3 million on China’s most popular micro-blogging site Weibo as of 12 January. The video recreated the same pattern as the original, where the seven personalities dubbing the song, has drawn nearly 94 million views.

The brand has also been smart in keeping the spirit going, with Spring Festival still a few weeks away, and trends like these having the potential to fizzle out quickly. Following the drop of the initial video on 1st January on Weibo, Cartier has been releasing video clips and photos of each celebrity per day since then, as well as some behind-the-scenes clips. Each post sees hundreds of thousands of engagements, adding to the brand’s social media sensation and extending the interest and therefore the brand appeal for Cartier.

The well-received campaign in China is a successful leverage of Chinese celebrities by the global label. While the recreation of an already hit campaign that sings a hymn to love, in celebration of the most important Chinese festival, has been a cherry on top in the game of winning over Chinese consumers. 

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