Genshin and Xiaomi make impact with smart wristband

On 8 December, ahead of its version 4.3 update, the popular Chinese video game Genshin Impact announced a smart wristband in collaboration with the smartphone maker Xiaomi. The wristband is adorned in the theme of the playable character Tartaglia with his mask symbol on the strap, user interface, wallpapers and charging animation, all of which are built into the device. Also included with the wristband is a themed charging station with a Tartaglia figurine. Posters and stickers are included in the gift box and the entire box set will set you back 549 RMB (76.50 USD).

This collaboration marks not only the first between Xiaomi and Genshin but also a first for Tartaglia. Along with preorders, Xiaomi has opened 30 Tartaglia-themed stores across China with photo spots. Preorder customers can win exclusive magnets and stickers from prize draws at selected stores as well. The topic “Xiaomi Genshin collaboration wristband” (#小米原神联名手环#) reached number 15 on the Hot Search list on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, with 54.95 million views.

This is not the only crossover that Genshin has done recently. In late November, China Merchants Bank announced the return of the sought-after Genshin-themed credit card. Based on the popular character Ganyu, the limited-edition credit card was first released in September. However, between 27 October and 31 December, those who missed the first release have a second chance at getting their hands on the exclusive credit card. A Genshin Impact logo edition card is also available for fans of the game who are not too keen on Ganyu. Ganyu badges are available with both cards and the first 20,000 customers will receive a special gift box.

Released in 2020 by Shanghai-based developer miHoYo, Genshin Impact is hugely popular internationally and at home in China. Just this year, the game has seen collaborations with Keep, Hey Tea, Kiehl’s, OnePlus and Pizza Hut. The game’s popularity shows no signs of dimming, therefore, creative collaborations with the IP will likely continue to thrive.


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