Couture meets caffeine at Shanghai’s new Dior café

LVMH-owned French luxury brand Dior has opened its inaugural café in China, after making headlines with pop-up coffee shops throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Nestled in Shanghai’s Qiantan Business Zone, this café is one of a select number of permanent Dior hospitality offerings worldwide, alongside the Monsieur Dior restaurant in Paris and the Dior Café in Seoul.

Video: Dior/Weibo

The new café serves as an extension of the brand’s boutique in Taikoo Li Shanghai, which opened last year as Dior’s fourth outlet in the city. The exquisite menu extends far beyond coffee, making it a genuine haven for fashion enthusiasts and foodies alike. From black sesame mille-feuille to pan-fried asparagus with crispy tofu, customers can enjoy a delicate fusion of Asian and French cuisines while ensconced in sumptuous décor.

Setting off the café’s panoramic views to perfection are the chic black-and-white houndstooth chairs. This is a look closely associated with French chic as Christian Dior was one of the first designers to incorporate the pattern in his designs in the 1940s. The elegant interior is further elevated by a custom wall collage from French artist Guy Limone. A promotional video of the café shared on Weibo showcases the café’s light-filled interior and terrace and has garnered 83,000 views as of 11 December.  

Dior’s foray into the café scene in China marks a strategic move to further solidify its presence in the Asian market, where the demand for luxury experiences is on the rise. By seamlessly blending fashion and gastronomy, Dior has created a haven that transcends the boundaries of conventional retail, offering a taste of the exquisite lifestyle that defines the brand.


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