Coca-Cola collaborates with OPPO, adding AI twist to its storytelling

From the outset of 2023, Coca-Cola rolled out an AI assistant with a unique sound and animation image in partnership with China’s tech giant OPPO, appealing to a wider audience and surrounding users with a holiday feeling.

The brand-new AI assistant is designed on the basis of OPPO’s widely used voice assistant Breeno, which has amassed over 140 million monthly active users as of February 2022. The AI assistant’s adorable rabbit character wearing a Coca-Cola hat and holding a bottle of Coke, quickly garnered massive popularity after being released. Relevant features have been used an accumulated 8.35 million times, while up to 1 million consumers were in favour of the character’s unique sound.

Features integrated with traditional Chinese elements were launched during the festival season. By simply addressing specific words like “Happy New Year” to the AI assistant, OPPO users were able to enjoy virtual firework displays, red envelopes popping up and family portrait functions. Coca-Cola’s dedication to local consumers can be observed throughout these design details.

OPPO initially unveiled its voice assistant Breeno in December 2018. The AI assistant is equipped with an array of powerful capabilities, ranging from essential functions to assist users’ daily lives and can even understand regional dialects such as Cantonese. As such, Breeno has gained immense favourability in China and possessed a solid userbase amounting to 300 million activated devices. All these factors have set up a sturdy foundation in support of OPPO implementing further market strategies and thus, naturally attracting Coca-Cola onboard. 

This would be considered a smart move if the soft drink giant were to take advantage of Breeno’s comprehensive functions whilst tapping into the CNY holiday sensation and generating online traffic. By launching the voice assistant embedded with Chinese elements, Coca-Cola’s integrated AI twist refreshes its brand image and effectively leverages consumer engagements through sound and visual interactions.


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