Sales of red products grow by 1,000% on Tmall

Research by the China Academy of Art and Tmall has concluded that “lychee red” (the colour of a lychee’s shell) will be the most popular colour of 2021. The two companies analyzed the colour of products purchased by Chinese consumers. In the first half of 2020, the most popular colours searched for on Taobao and Tmall were black and white. However, in recent months, red has become the most searched colour among users.

With Chinese New Year approaching, the demand for red garments and decorations has increased significantly according to the Tmall Trend Center. The sales of red trainers, stationery, mobile phone cases and pet clothes have grown by more than 1,000% year-on-year on Tmall.

Red is “the colour” of Chinese New Year as it considered lucky and thought to be able to scare away spirits of bad fortune. Chinese people usually wear red clothes during the festival, give out red envelopes and decorate their houses with red Chinese couplets and fu 福 (luck) stickers. People traditionally also wear red underwear or headbands in their zodiac birth year.

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