Chinese app developer launches new product integrating virtual characters with ChatGPT

Tagging, a Chinese metaverse social app developer, has rolled out a new app (Tagging X GPT-3) that harnesses the power of ChatGPT technology to combine tags and digital characters.

Tagging X GPT-3 is able to provide users with chat and information retrieval services. As such, users can train their semantic model to talk in the way set by them. In addition, the product carries social attributes that allow users to share their trained virtual personas with friends within the game’s community.

Image: Sina News

Chai Geyang, the founder of the Shenzhen-based company Tagging, mentioned that, unlike traditional apps, Tagging X GPT-3 is part of Tagging’s Web3 metaverse planning. 

“We believe that Tagging X GPT-3 can become a new application leading metaverse social interaction,” said Chai. “Tagging’s goal is to build the world’s largest digital character community, so that users can freely experience digital interaction, host their own data, and experience social functions in the metaverse. We also hope that Tagging X GPT-3 can become a place to gather technology enthusiasts. Everyone can communicate here, create an AIGC community of Web3, and finally help the development of metaverse.”

At present, technology like ChatGPT is accelerating the development of the metaverse by making digital avatars much more real and dynamic, which creates an entirely new way for users to interact with their virtual characters and each other. With continued technological advancements in the internet, the Web3 blockchain market size is expected to reach a market valuation of 116.51 billion USD by 2033.


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