Alibaba-backed self-driving taxis hit the road in Shenzhen

AutoX announced today (January 28) that it will launch its driverless robotaxi pilot scheme to the public. The autonomous driving start-up was founded in 2016 and has received financial backing from Alibaba and state-owned Dongfeng Motor.

Shenzhen residents who register on the app will be able to book a self-driving taxi with no human driver which can take them on specific journeys throughout the city. Its 5th generation driverless system has in-built cameras, 4D radar sensors and detectors which can pick-up blind spots. Throughout the last year, the company has been carrying out tests for its driverless taxi service in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

AutoX’s major competitor in China’s autonomous taxi market is Baidu’s “Apollo Go”  which had 40 autonomous cabs in operation in Beijing over a total area of 700km as of last September. Car-hailing giant Didi also launched its fleet of self-driving taxis in Shanghai last June.

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