China’s tech giants scrambling to drop AI-generated products

The ChatGPT hype has ignited excitement around AI, and China’s tech giants are scrambling to unveil AI-powered products in painting, music and online chatting segments, with ByteDance, Baidu, Tencent and Meituan (shopping retailer) included.

On 27 February, Toutiao owned by ByteDance and Meituan released AI-generated painting features on their mobile apps, enabling users to receive a comic art form painting by simply uploading a random picture. While Meituan partnered with WeChat (messaging platform) to encourage users to share pictures with friends or post on their moments, so as to jointly divert online traffic from both sides.

It’s reported that this AI-powered products race is related to the topic “AI is advancing so fast” which garnered over 110 million views on Weibo (microblogging site) this February, with netizens expressing their astonishment at how hard it is to distinguish photos and pictures painted by AI.

Apart from painting, ByteDance and Tencent set a foothold in the music production arena, launching a music app integrated with AI-powered features, intending to lower the barriers of songwriting whilst increasing creation efficiency. As for Tencent’s app, it is focused more on street dance music and has been highly favoured by street dance lovers and achieved around 10,000 user engagements.

Short-video platform Douyin is now considering integrating AI-generated apps into its business to expand the sources of background music and upgrade content creation features. Prior to ERNIE Bot (ChatGPT-style chatbot), Baidu charted its expansion in AI-based online chatting for users to chat with virtual humans on a basic level.

Now, with ChatGPT taking the world by storm, all the tech companies are endeavouring to utilise AI technologies in their business development and product innovation to gain a stance in the arena without being left behind. It can be envisioned that more AI-related apps will emerge on the racetrack and products ranging in different industries will drop in the future.


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