China’s dairy industry joins virtual human hype

SATINE, an organic milk brand owned by Chinese dairy company Yili Group, has launched its own virtual human. SATINE previously launched a metaverse experience in January of this year, inviting users to look for digital collectibles on a “digital pasture”.

The virtual human, called Jindian, was announced via SATINE’s official Weibo account on May 4. The post describes Jindian as “hyper-realistic” and a teaser video reveals details of her design, including long black hair with a streak of dark green and qipao-esque clothing.

“There needs to be some medium of audience interaction that can help the public to understand the personality of the virtual character and to make them feel as though it is ‘a person’.”, explained Nicky Yu, the creator of China’s first hyper-realistic virtual human AYAYI, in a previous Dao Insights exclusive.

The public will have the opportunity to test this ability of Jindian via a livestream to be held on SATINE’s official Douyin channel. The livestream will also include Satine Milk giveaways for lucky participants.

The launch of Jindian marks the expansion of Yili Group’s virtual human assets as the company has been experimenting with a few different creations, including function-oriented characters like digital customer service agent Xiao Yi and livestream virtual idol Xiao You. Jindian is the company’s first hyper-realistic virtual human as well as its first IP-oriented one.


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