Bilibili throws post-Gaokao farewell party for fresh graduates

On the evening of June 9, Bilibili hosted an offline event at Shanghai’s Changle Road for fresh high school graduates to celebrate the end of China’s notoriously unforgiving Gaokao season

Image: SocialBeta

The event, aptly named “Cheers! Do anything you like” aimed to create a well-deserved relaxed atmosphere for the soon-to-be-adult students who had just completed their exams.

As part of the event, Bilibili designed five exclusive non-alcoholic beverages for the 2023 college entrance examination candidates. The mocktails were creatively named based on students’ experiences, including “Do anything you like”, “Before you know it” and “No evening studies tonight”.

Alongside the specially customised drinks, Bilibili set up engaging street installations and captivating copywriting to inspire students to pursue their desires and aspirations following the college entrance examination. The event attracted numerous content creators on Bilibili and passers-by who eagerly participated in the event. Some candidates even had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their favourite Bilibili vloggers, bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds.

To complement the overall event, Bilibili also released a video collection tailored for “Chinese babies”, a term affectionately used to refer to young people in China. The collection offered a guide to relaxation and fun, providing candidates with tips for embracing a carefree summer life. 

The celebrations generated buzz on Chinese social media platforms. On Weibo, the hashtag linked to the offline event “Post-exam celebrations for Shanghai high school students” amassed a whopping 2.695 million views. 

One Chinese netizen on Weibo praised the initiative in a post, writing: “I went to Changle Road for dinner, passed by a few pink posters, and took a closer look at Bilibili’s graduation season activities. […] Only then did I realize that I was in the craziest season for Chinese young people every year, the end of the college entrance examination. Anyone who has participated in the college entrance examination knows that this may be the most free and unrestrained long summer in the life of Chinese people. You can even say that at this time of year, a group of more than 10 million Chinese people come to the “most worry-free” time of their lives.”

Through both its online and offline initiatives, Bilibili continues to strongly appeal to Chinese youth, fostering emotional connections with its core user base and providing a robust community that supports young individuals throughout their personal growth.


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