Alibaba transforms the Beijing Winter Olympics for the digital era

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is around the corner and is highly anticipated within China and around the globe. It will be the first high-tech green Olympic Games in the history of the games. From event broadcasting and scores releasing, to athletes’ accommodation, transportation, and healthcare, all the logistics and information will be processed with cloud computing technology on Ali Cloud (a sector of Alibaba).

Alibaba will also employ its AR (alternative reality) and other visual intelligent technologies to offer overseas viewers an immersive experience, transforming the ways in which we experience this historic event.

Since 2017, Alibaba has launched a long-term partnership with the International Olympic Committee and is committed to helping transform the Olympic Games for the digital era. In 2022, this tech giant became the top sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games, furthering its commitment to the games and allowing them to imbed their technology.

Alibaba’s Olympic spirit does not end in the stadium. On 13 January, the group released a Winter Olympic-themed short film (co-produced with McCann China), Make Every Day of Your Life Shine (让精彩每天出彩). The video has received more than 18.3 million views on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and aims to help the government reach the goal of 300 million people joining in with winter sports.

Ma Yanbo, the chief creative officer of McCann China, commented that the video is made to remove the misconception in China that only rich people are entitled to winter sports. On the contrary, everyone can enjoy winter activities close to home at affordable prices.

Particularly with Alibaba’s e-commerce and advanced technology, the joy of winter sports can be brought to your doorstep. By aligning their business to an event that sparks national pride within China, alongside rallying people towards taking up Winter sports, Alibaba is able to fairly seamlessly imbed their tech products that would not normally be associated. This is a very clever move, working on the momentum and support all Olympic Games bring, and with it creating a market they can dominate from the offset.

The Olympic Games have always been the arena for record-breaking athletes and creative brands campaigns. In this Winter Olympics, Alibaba’s standout campaign attributes this to its appreciation of China’s Olympic spirits – take pride in the country and always strive to become stronger. For Chinese people, the Olympics is beyond sports, it is the courage of not giving up and keeping moving forward. Alibaba understands this and acknowledges the national pride, this emotional connection is a key to maintaining a good relationship with Chinese consumers and by imbedding their technology they can pursue another avenue of revenue.

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