Xiaohongshu joins the League of Legends binge in China

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in China, with hundreds of millions of Chinese people staying up to watch their country win the 2021 World Championships. Even the animation series Arcane hit over 100 million views on Tencent Video within 8 hours of release, showing the growing popularity within this industry.

To embrace the popularity of this game, Xiaohongshu recently announced a new campaign, “Meeting Jinx”, on its social media platform. Its users are encouraged to post anything related to the character Jinx in League of Legends, with cash prizes of overall 15,000 RMB ($2346.43) for posts that get the highest number of likes.

Jinx is the main character featured in Arcane, she is a popular role amongst Chinese players in the game. With the iconic gadgets, Jinx is interpreted as being playful and powerful through her never-giving-up attitude.

Leveraging the popularity of this character, Xiaohongshu is extending its lifestyle content to online video games, in an effort to absorb some of this new demand. Now, on the platform, you can find a dedicated page titled “Meeting Jinx” for only topic-related posts, be it make-up tutorials that mimic the character or game guides strategies.

A top League of Legends mobile player in China was surprised that Xiaohongshu now has most of the information one would want about the game. This comes as a surprise, as the social media platform has typically been about lifestyle focuses and has tailored its services to its largely female user base. This move looks set to make the platform more holistic and potentially bring in wider amounts of other demographics.

Apart from the online campaign, Xiaohongshu also launched a Jinx Hairstyle House in Shanghai where girls can turn their hair into Jinx’s style. They can also take photos of themselves against some very cool backgrounds with graffiti, just like the places featured in Arcane, where Jinx grew up.

This move is smart from Xiaohongshu, uplifting the current trend of League of Legends and gaming to appeal to a wider base, whilst also applying this to their current users so as not to lose their core consumers.

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